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The comic: gen-X alternative comedy legend and spectacle trendsetter Janeane Garofalo.

The genital reference: Hand sanitizer and Spanx don’t mix.

What it tells us about this comic: Janeane scrupulously avoids any explicit language; it’s unclear if this is driven by prudishness, although it’s still a joke about the interaction between hand sanitizer and genitals, a theme as old as time. Regardless of the motivation, it’s much funnier to say “I did not take hand sanitizer and touch… me; I touched m’Spanx!” than a more prosaic version, and it allows Janeane to riff for four joke-dense minutes. “Ow, I burned my genitals” doesn’t leave any room for a Tesla coil reference.

Vocabulary words: indelicate; gusset; deflagration; reciprocity; Crazy Leg Syndrome

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